100th Anniversary

Project Description

100th Anniversary Events:

In celebration of our 100th Anniversary we have a few special events coming up that are open to all Families, Friends, Past Residents/Families, Past Employees etc. We hope that you will be able to join us as we celebrate this momentous occasion!

100th Anniversary Brick Commemoration

In Celebration of our 100th Anniversary St. Edmond’s Home for children is thrilled to announce our first-ever legacy brick path. We invite you to become a part of our history with a beautiful engraved brick that will be laid in our sensory garden connecting the current path with the gazebo. This needed path will not only make transport to the gazebo easier for our children but will provide an extra space for some of our children to sit and socialize with those who are in the gazebo.

Engrave a brick for yourself, your family, a friend, or have one created in memory of a loved one. Each brick displays three lines of personalized text and 18 characters per line. Characters include spaces and punctuation. Brick text will be in all CAPITALS and centered on the brick. Installation will occur in late August or early September.

4×8- $100, 3 lines 18 characters
8×8- $200, 6 lines 18 characters
4×8- Employee Price $50, 3 lines 18 characters

To order a brick please click on the link below:


Meredith Leo



100th Anniversary Extravaganza


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